Dante's Cure, A Journey Into Madness Contact the Author
by Daniel Dorman, MD

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Dante's Cure

An Overview

ď . . . here your will is upright, free, and whole,
and you would be in error not to heed
whatever your own impulse prompts you to:
lord of yourself I crown and mitre you.Ē

óDante, The Purgatorio

Catherine, nineteen years old and suffering from severe schizophrenia, sat in a mental hospitalómute, catatonic, and hearing voices. Her psychiatrist, Dr. Daniel Dorman, was convinced that his patientís psychotic behavior was rooted not merely in chemical imbalances but rather in the dramatic circumstances of her family history. He was therefore determined to avoid the mind-numbing medications that had been so detrimental to Catherineís well being. Dorman fought adamant opposition and criticism from his peers and superiors for a chance to guide Catherine out of madness.

As much the story of a young doctor finding his own path in a controversial new world of antipsychotic drugs, where patientsí advocates have nowhere to turn, Danteís Cure is the true account of a therapeutic process that took place six days a week, for seven years. Thanks to Dormanís devotion, persistence, and self-understanding of his role as a therapist aware of his own limitations, Catherine was able to set out on a life of her own. She is now a psychiatric nurse in southern California living free of medication; she speaks out on behalf of patient rights and humanity in the medical profession. Dorman re-creates Catherineís early life and the onset of her illness in striking detail, covering her treatment prior to his meeting her as a resident at UCLA Hospital, through her recovery and work as a nurse and activist.

Danteís Cure offers a story of courage and hope. It reveals how madness is inherent to the human condition and therefore ought to be treated as such. To restore patientsí trust in their power to recover, rather than robbing them of their agency in the name of medical knowledge, is the true moral of this remarkable journey out of madness.

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